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Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

With over 20 years of private school admissions experience, we work with families to design a multifaceted, strategic and personalized approach

to help each student find schools that are best suited for them.   

We recommend that you begin with an informal, free 20-minute complimentary consultation to share your family's values, goals and aspirations

for your child's educational experience and to discuss

how we can best support you through every step of your

private school admissions and K-12 & Preschool school placement journey in Hawai'i.

Let us help you find a school that feels like home.

Complimentary Consultation

Get started with a friendly "meet and greet" 30-minute,  free consultation appointment.  This is an opportunity to become acquainted with one another, to discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have about our services and working with an admissions consultant.  We are available to meet by phone, video chat, Zoom, or in-person for Oahu residents or visitors on-island.

Transition from Public to Private School

Making the decision to transition from public to private school in Hawai'i can be complex. We assist families with creating the best strategies for timing, entry grade levels, and best fit schools to focus on with our knowledge of individual schools and the private school landscape.

Curated List of
Best-Fit Schools

Before applying, let us help you to discover which schools would be a good match for your child and family.  We will assist you with creating a curated list of schools based on a personalized needs assessment and our in-depth knowledge of Hawai'i's school cultures and K - 12 private school and Preschool landscape.  We also assist families interested in navigating public and charter school options with ease and confidence.

Organizational Assistance

Keeping track of all of the admission materials, deadlines, timelines, open houses, school visit appointments and other tasks can be one of the most challenging aspects of the private school admissions process for many busy parents.  We assist families with a customized approach to help families stay organized and on top of the processs, alleviating much of the stress involved.

Relocation Support

Hawai'i has many wonderful private schools, but newcomers can find themselves overwhelmed with the daunting task of choosing the best-fit schools from thousands of miles away. We know that moving your family across the Pacific Ocean is difficult enough. Whether you are a military family, or moving from the mainland or oversees, we understand how crucial it is to find the right school. Let us guide you through every step of the way through Hawai'i's private school landscape, no matter where you are located. We can also assist with other requests such as real estate agent referrals, public school recommendations, enrichment program information, and more.

Interview Preparation and more

Be confident and put your best foot forward with interview coaching essay editing, and application guidance. We help students and families share their stories and message in an authentic and impactful way to create the strongest application possible.

Applying After Deadlines  or to Non-Standard Entry Grades

Sometimes unexpected circumstances and events happen.  While applying to non-entry grade levels (like 2nd, 8th, or 10th grades) or starting the admissions process after the published application deadlines can be difficult, it is not impossible.  We can assist you with navigating these situations and help you to identify which schools might have some spaces available for qualified students for non-entry grades or late in the admissions season.

Exploring Other Educational Options in Hawai'i

With an in-depth knowledge of Hawai'i's schools and educational landscape, we also assist families interested in exploring options beyond private schools, including  K-12 public and charter schools, and college and university options as well.  From completing a Geographical Exemption (GE) for a public school outside of a residential zone to submitting the required documents for a charter school lottery, we are here to help with all steps in the process.

Special situations and other resources

We are here to support families with their unique journey. Are you seeking a more academically rigorous or artistic educational environment to better suit your child's learning needs and interests? Has your student been subject to disciplinary action in a previous school?  Does your student have special learning needs? Would you like assistance with academic and non-academic referrals, from educational psychological testing and  academic support to enrichment programs (from music lessons to dance classes), real estate agents to help with a move, and more.

Let's Work Together

Each family's admissions journey is unique.  Consulting packages are flexible and can be personalized to meet your family's needs.

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