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Our Community

We work with families and students from a wide range of backgrounds, from local residents and newcomers, to those moving to Hawai'i from the mainland and international locations. While each family may be different and their journey unique, they all share the same dream: to find the best educational environment in Hawai'i where their child will thrive academically, socially, and personally.


"Megan's knowledge of admissions and the financial aid process surpassed our expectations...she takes the stress out of the K-12 private school admission process for parents in Hawai'i."

"When our daughter was in last year at her public elementary school, we were interested in sending her to a private school for middle school for more academic rigor. However, like many families in Hawai'i, we were intimidated by the tuition costs and we weren’t sure if we could afford private school. After meeting with Megan, she helped us to identify which school would be the best fit and also that it might be financially possible. Her knowledge of admissions and the financial aid process surpassed our expectations. Her professional and friendly personality makes it easy for anyone to approach her, and she genuinely cares. She was always available and happy to help us with our questions. She takes the time to get to know every student and their family and went out of her way to ensure that we would have a smooth admissions experience and transition to our new private school. Megan utilizes her special gift of identifying each student‘s individual qualities to help them succeed, and helps to take the stress out of the K-12 admission process for parents in Hawai'i."

Mel N., elementary school parent


We work with families and students in many different ways.  Learn more about our in-depth and comprehensive services designed to minimize stress and strategically guide families through every phase of the private school admissions process in Hawai'i.


We offer a wide array of consulting packages that can be personalized to meet each

family's specific admissions needs

and individual goals, whether you are

a local, mainland or international family.

Let's Work Together

A private school education can provide an outstanding foundation for the future.  Let us help you to find the best school environment suited to your child.  Learn more about how we can support your family through every step of your K - 12 private school admissions journey and beyond.  We also help families considering public, charter, and other school placement options in Hawai'i.

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